What is season pass in Dream League soccer 2020?

Most of you Dream League Soccer 2021 players out there may have already seen this menu inside your game.Although the developers of this game have been adding new features since 2014,no other feature has been named as Season pass.
Many of you who plays other online based games may already know what this feature is all about.But for some its still a question that what this feature all about.If you are one of them then you've come to the right place.

The season pass means premium subscription in game which players has to buy in order to get better in game rewards.Players with season pass has advantages in several sectors in the game such as:
1.Earn coins 130% faster than F2P players
2.Increase gems faster than normal players
3.Get additional ways to increase xp
4.Scouts as reward
5.Agents as star pass reward
6.Coaches as reward
7.Physios as reward
8.Free rare  players as bonus
9.Many more

Though Dream League Soccer developers has started premium subscription just some days ago,Games like FIFA,PES,Clash of clans and so many other online games have started this feature years ago.
Now here comes some important questions.
Should you buy it?
Answer: If you take my personal opinion it is a straight forward NO! 
Reason for not buying?
Answer:The season pass or premium subscription alsways sound good,but in this case it should not.The season pass of drem league is still in its early phases and the developers are still working on the rewards.As a result,the rewards are not that much of a worth for the money you pay for it.Moreover,the developers didn't provided exact information about how long a season will satay.
Should you ever buy buy The Season Pass?
Answer: Yes,but not now.The star pass will definitely be an advantage for whoever buys it in the upcoming future but its still in its early stages and the rewards are not that great.Also,there are modders like me who are trying hard to find a bug in the first touch server that may enable us to get the star pass for free.But for that you have to wait and stay tuned ;)
Thank you.

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