Is it possible to mod Dream League 2020


The dream league franchise has been popular among the android football gaming community for a decade now.As years gone by the developers of Dream League kept working on its security system.

But still up untill Dream league 2019 the game was easily modded.Anyone who had good knowladge about editing and designing could easily mod the game.But in 2020 the foirst touvh developers came out with ta new server that was:




4.Lowerd the ping

As a result the Dream league soccer 2020  was really very hard to mod.But still there were some moddders who take it as a challange.They worked hard and came up with several mods.Although the mods were fun to play,they had features like:

1.Fool AI

2.Infinite stamina

3.More speed

4.More ads

5.Players stay together

6.AI stand still 

7.Crash AI

8.Many more

But the main feature they were missing are the gems and coins.So now here comes the question is it possible to mod Dream League 2021 and add gems and coins?

It turns out yes.

As the game is in its early period it has major bugs in it.By using these bugs as an advantage we can add coins and gems in the game by changing the value.

I have invented a trick that 100% works but sooner or later first touch games might fix it.But for now it's working.You can check out my recent post in my blog to get more information about that.Thank you,stay tuned :)

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