How to Progress Quickly in Dream League Soccer 2022

          How to Progress Quickly in Dream League Soccer 2022

First touch developers did it again. They surprised us yesterday with the release of Dream League Soccer 2022 with almost if not no announcement at all. Although they uploaded a video montage of all previous games from FTG also mentioning Dream League Soccer 2022 no official announcements were made on the exact date and time of release.

To our surprise, it was released just 14 hours after the first announcement was made. Although they remained silent throughout the year when the time came they released the update very quickly. These efforts of the FTG developer team has to be appreciated.

What is new in this update?

Just like PES and other famous Football games in previous years, FTG decided to play it safe when it came to the release of  Dream League Soccer 2022. They are not here with an all-new game like they used to before Dream League Soccer 2020. They basically took everything from Dream League Soccer 2021 and improved those. So you won't see a huge change in the game but everything will be better. On the contrary, they have changed the theme which will surely give you fresh experience for the next 4 months or so. I personally really like this colour accent they have used in Dream League soccer 2022. the black, golden and yellow colour combination really makes Dream League Soccer 2022 feel more premium than ever. It also looks like it took a bit of inspiration from WWE Wrestlemania Icons but not too much that we can say it is copied from that.

What are the changes?

Coming out of DLS21 for a long year the most effective change which will fresh up your mood is the new theme. I already mentioned it earlier but I just can't stop bragging about it, it is that much good.
One more major change that you will notice is the manager change. There are some new default manager skins which we did not had before and now we do. Now you can play more customization with your managers.
Our line up skin has also been changed. With a blacker accent, the player cards look really good and pleasing to our eye. Some more customization and tweaks can also be seen on kit customization which will let you customise your kits even more. Match startup skin is also different. Now instead of having a list of players on the startup skin, now we have our starting eleven and the position of each player which makes it easier for us to think of our gameplan against different types of opponents. Here is a list of a few noticeable things in The latest Dream League Soccer 2022 update.

1. New Theme

2. New Manager Skins
3. New Names Added In Commentary
4. Commentary Improvements
5. Optimization Improve
6. New Graphics Option
7. New Line Up Layout
8. New Startup Skin
9. New Player Faces
10. New in-game Physics
11. Bug Fixes

How to progress quickly in DLS22

Normally progressing in Dream League Soccer is slow and time-consuming work. However, if you want to progress quickly through the game, there are some free options like watching ads and collecting achievements.If you want to boost up your progress even further you can buy a season pass which will cost you around 5 dollars or so depending on where you live in the globe. There is also one more option possibly the fastest one and that is by using In-game data. This has been the most famous route to progress in Dream League games throughout the years.

How does In-Game data work?

Every game records your progress on how far you have gone in the game. This record is called in-game data. Like all the other games Dream League Also has In-game data. In Dream League Soccer and many other games that Forst touch developers make like Score Hero, Score match etc. in-game data is stored as profile.dat.Although it was really very easy to find a couple of years ago nowadays First touch developers have encrypted this data. Thus it is now really very hard to find. I have worked really hard on this and all my hard work has paid off as I found and have been able to decrypt the profile.dat file.

How to use profile.dat?

For an easier and as well as practical explanation you can check out my YouTube video. However, if you do not have time for that this post will work as well. First, you have to download the profile.dat file from down below then follow the steps as mentioned underneath.

After the download is complete follow these steps:
1. Open Playstore
2. Install Zarchiver
3. Open Zarchiver and allow all permissions
4. Navigate and find your download folder until you find profile.dat
5. Press and Hold on the profile.dat file
6. Select copy
7. Then navigate to Android>Data>com.firsttouchgames.dls7
8. Create a new folder named "Data"
9. Paste your profil.dat into the newly created Data folder.
10. Close all apps running in The Background.
11. Force stop Dream League Soccer from settings
12. Restart your phone.
13. Enjoy!
(NOTE: Through these processes keep your internet/WiFi connection turned off)

That is it for today. Thanks, everyone for your Immense support.Can't thank you guys enough. All my hard works are done for some supporters like you. These tips and tricks may be patched with updates and bug fixes. But I will try to come up with new tricks and find new holes from which we all can progress quickly through the game. I was inactive for a bit due to exam pressures.
 But from now on I will try to upload videos on my Youtube and post on my blog regularly staying connected with you guys as much as I can.
Had to work a lot to go through the encryption process. Your Ideas and Suggestions are appreciated.Keep smiling spread and happiness. See you in another post. Thank You.

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