How to level up faster in Soccer Super Star

So recently, Soccer Super Star has been blowing up on the Play store with 100 million downloads. It is a game developed by Real freestyle soccer.
It is a realistic looking shoot and score game that has hundreds of levels. This game has superb graphics. It gives an ultra-fast and immersive football experience. Considering its size, this game has insanely realistic graphics.

If you love action arcade soccer but do not have enough time to practice, then this is the game for you. It is straightforward to learn. Soccer Super Stars' game controls always allow you to jump-start the fun. All you need is to swipe your fingers across the screen, smash the ball and hit the nets.

It may sound effortless, but as you complete levels and progress through the game, the shots become more and more difficult. You will need very precise control of the swipes on higher levels. Only then you will be able to score goals. You will also need excellent tactics to go through the defence line. This game does not overcomplicate itself. It just makes your progress difficult step by step, level by level. It probably provides the best swipe and kicks experience out of all the games out there.

This game is offline, which may make you think that it does not have so many features, but it does. It has a lot of features that many online Soccer games don't. Here are some of the unique features mentioned underneath.


•Complete Control on OFFLINE

There are many soccer games out there that require you to have an Internet connection to control your team and manage and play properly. One famous example is Dream League Soccer. Although they were entirely offline until 2019, from 2020, they moved almost all their features online. But Soccer Super Stars allows you to manage play and control your team offline.


I have seen so many games on the Play store which are under 100 MB. They normally do not have Real Player faces. So most of the time, I get bored even if the gameplay is outstanding. What is the fun if there is no star player in the game? Well, soccer superstar comes with a solution. The people at Real Freestyle Soccer have used the latest motion capture technology to be able to have star players in their game. You can unlock so many of them as you progress through.


I have seen so many soccer games with great graphics and great gameplay, but they lack proper artificial intelligence among the In-game players, powerful simulation with cutting-edge ball physics. But soccer superstar has that. It uses an advanced new generation of in-game artificial intelligence along with a really smooth immersive 3D mobile gaming engine. Which gives you a really smooth and satisfying also eye-pleasing experience while gaming.


One huge thing that almost all offline football games lack is the lack of tournament, but Soccer Super Stars do not. It has weekly offline tournaments which keep you engaged with the game. Weekly offline tournaments also give great rewards.


So many football games overcomplicate themselves by having tough controls. In other games, you may have to use one button for skill, one button to pass, one button to through the ball, one button to cross, and another to shoot. This complication makes learning other games is really hard. But soccer superstar has a straightforward control you can play with just one finger if you wish to. It has an easy swipe and shoot technique, the passing, the skills almost every control of this game is done with swipes.

Soccer Super Star is an excellent game concept, but every good idea requires precise execution. And the developers at Real Freestyle Soccer really executed this concept correctly. The high amount of Independence allows you to have your own personal tactics in the game. If you want to use a tiki-taka passing technique or a pressing technique, you can use all of them. As you progress through the game, you will face teams from various leagues such as the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A.Complexity in levels with beautifully done artwork give you a truly immersive football gaming experience.

In their latest update, they have optimized the matches even more and fixed so many bugs, and in their upcoming updates list, they have new leagues and new certified team jerseys and players. They are also trying to acquire the FIFpro licence but will they have it? Is a question which only time will answer.

Although this game contains ads, no in-app purchases can be made right now. 

As a result, everyone is searching for a way to progress through the game quickly. Even if they want, they cannot progress quickly because there are no in-app purchases available right now.

And for now, there is only one solution available. I am giving here some files that will help you progress through the game quickly. It will guide you to have more precise passes and better tactics. 

When they finally announce in-app purchases, I will post a guide to purchase things on the game. But until then, you can use these files to progress through the game and complete levels.

That is it for today. Thank you for the immense support you have shown.Your supports matters a lot. It motivates me to make content like this every day. If you have any suggestions on which game I should post next, feel free to express them. You can text me and contact me through my email. I will try to respond as soon as I can. Thank you so much, everyone. Stay happy, stay safe, peace.

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