Dream league soccer 2021 how to level up faster

 As everyone of  you know Dream League 2021 has recently been released and now the need of increasing gems and coins increased.And here I am to help.

The first touch team has worked a lot to improve the gameplay experience of the players.As a result you can see some major changes in this version of the game.Here are some major noticable changes:

1.Color contrast has been increased.

2.Colors look punchier than before.

3.Gameplay engine has been improved as a result gameplay experience is smoother than ever.

4.New physio have been added.

5.Market has a new outlook.

6.Real player facec have been included in their player cards.

7.Some players face have been improved.

8.Some new names has been added to the commentary

9.The stadium now has some new outlook and more customization.

10.Some minor bugs have been fixed.

11.Many more.

Although they worked a lot to improve the gameplay experience for us,the increase of gems and coins is harder than ever.

So today i am giving you two files by using which you will be able to get more ads and coin and gems in game.

Here are the download links to those files:

Download links (Gdrive):-



n next post I will explain how to use these help files.Stay tuned.


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