Should PES and FIFA Mobile be afraid of Vive LE Football??


Should PES and FIFA Mobile be afraid of Vive LE Football??

Vive le football is the latest game recently launched by the Netease team.Today we the Gamekiller team will discuss what it is and how much potential does it have of becoming one of the best mobile football games.In this post we will explain its whole plot by answering questions.

1.What is Vive Le Football?

Vive Le Football is a soccer game developed by The Netease team,This is a FiFpro Licensed game which means it can use the real names of all teams,players.FiFpro also allows the game to use real faces of all players and original kits of all teams.The developers worked very hard on this game to make it one of the best if not THE BEST.
The game is still in alpha testing mode,We will know more about the gameplay once it gets released.The developers promised us a lot by saying we can create our own football world in this game,and it will be a straight up challenge to FIFA Mobile and PES mobile.Will it live upto its expectation once the game gets released? We will see.....

                    2.What makes it different from PES Mobile and FIFA Mobile?

Although FIFA Mobile and PES Mobile has been ruling the football gaming world for past few years,they added very little new features in their game.PES 17-21 has almost been the same and the same goes with FIFA.
The mobile football gaming community has always asked for new features like street football,complete control over the manager mode,extreme mode,Transfer interviews and so many more.But FIFA mobile and PES mobile always seem to ignore this requests.
And here comes Vive Le Soccer like an angel for all mobile football  with all those features.I've tested some of them and DAMN!! they were so enjoyable.Although there were some minor bugs here and there but it was very enjoyable.
However how much do you expect from an Alpha rlrease(Beta release) anyway?

     3.Have you ever seen features like this in a mobile Football Game before?

NO! Never.I've been a huge football gaming fan from 2014 I played almost all the Mobile football games out there.But never had I seen so many features in a mobile football game before.Although it is a mobile game,it feels just like a PC or console level football game already.I have very high hopes of this game going forward lets see what happens.If the developers work hard on this game they can surely beat FIFA and PES mobile in the coming years.

                           4.When will the game be released globally?

The game is still in alpha release.But we won't have to wait much for the full version to become available on Playstore and Appstore.According to the Netease team the game will be released globally by 3rd February.
In most cases the game does not arrive in the date the developer mentions because of maintenance issues and so on,but The Netease team has been bold so far in their decision making.Even if the game does not release globally by 3rd february,I can assure you it will become available by 5th fe bruary.

                                  5.Can we play this game right now?

The alpha test of the game was released for 6000 people only so sadly you can't.Although you will be able to download this game by searching a little on the internet,but once you open they game after installing it will give you a popup message saying "Sorry alpha test limit is full for android try with IOS or PC"
But if you are so lucky enough to face a glitch then you can.

                                     6.Will we get a mod of this game?

Sure you will,I am already working on a mod of the alpha release of infinite resources.Once it gets finished I will post here and upload that on my YouTube channel.So stay tuned on my blog and be subscribed to my YouTube channel.Hoping to put it out to you soon ;)

                    7.What are the promises made by the developers?

The Netease team has hyped and promised a lot about this game which I menntioned in my post already.The developer promises us that this game will be a straight up challenge to FIFA and PES Mobile lets hope for the best that it lives upto its promises.

Thank you for your time.Stay tuned for more updates :)

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