DLS 24 Coins and Gems

How To Get Gems and Coins in DLS24
 First touch developers being first touch developers.They did it again.They released DLS 24 with almost no announcement at all.
They kept their project so secret that even leakers can't get any information about how the game looked.Let alone knowing how the gameplay is going to be.
Almost no official announcement was made buy FTG developers.And as a result this update caught all of us buy a surprise.

What's new in this years update

Unlike the last 2 years in which the developers at FTG decided to play safe by not adding almost no new features at all,this year some heavy changes can be noticed.DLS 22 & DLS 23 had almost no differences between them apart from some minor design changes but this year with DLS 24 heavy design modifications can be seen.Gameplay seems smoother than ever because of the new gaming engine FTG are using.Players rating has been drastically changed as well.

Why every year new versions has to be released

Every football player on planet earth faces ups and downs in their career.One season they might be in their prime form and in the next season their form can drastically drop.That's why Football games has to update every year to maintain a realistic feel.And more so,some players move to a new club.So in order to sync gaming world and real world together,Football game developers has to update their game each year otherwise the popularity of their games go down.

What's New In This years DLS

This year FTG decided to do some major design changes.This time they've gone with an eye soothing aquatic color palate.Which makes the in game menus very pleasant to look at.
Gameplay is much more smoother than the previous version.And many more features are yet to be discovered as the game has just released.

How To Progress Quickly

One thing that didn’t change in this update is that progressing through is a very very tough and slow path.You'll need at least a year to build a maxed out team if you decide to go F2P.
That's why we made a profile data file for you to skip all the hard part and get as much resources as you want.

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Who are the new players

Robert Lewandwoski is one of the many new faces to be in DLS23.Although Lewandwoski was in DLS a long time ago,in last couple of years he has been missing.And the reason was FTG runs on FIFpro licences which doesn’t include Bundesliga.

But as Robert Lewandowski moved to LaLiga from Bundesilga,he is in the game.There are many more new faces which are yet to be discovered.After a week or so I'll upload a list of new players.Until then,Stay Tuned.

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